We are the Papaguara, name of the Amazon Indigenous tribe, a way of recognizing the generational matrices of a people, their race, their histories and their beliefs. The Amazon is exuberant, in its landscapes and flavors, characteristics that have traced our history since 1962, when our industry was founded in Manaus-AM.

We operate in the manufacture of biscuits, biscuits, chocolate, stuffed, wafers and cheese breads, made with love, work and dedication, our recipe for success. Our products are consumed throughout Brazil. We respect the best industrial practices, following modern production processes, using automated and modern equipment, aiming to offer our customers: quality, food safety and incomparable taste.

Our Papaguara factory is located in the industrial district of Ananindeua in the state of Pará, where we industrialize and market our products.

Our Products

Brazilian Cheese Bread



Hazelnut cream

Maria Cookies

Chocolate Milk



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